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If you are planning a party on a party bus, then you definitely want to make it more fun and memorable. You must be wondering what games or activities you can have on the party bus that can make the experience a once in a lifetime one. Well, worry no more, below, we have listed several party bus game ideas that you can consider the next time you hire a party bus for a birthday or bachelorette party.

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Before the days of smartphones and tablets, people used road trip games to have fun in the car during long journeys. Instead of being glued to a screen, you can learn more about your friends or family and create some fantastic new memories. They are a great way to stay occupied and share a few laughs while on the road!

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License plate games. You probably played these when your parents took you on a trip years ago. Give each dual set of seats a card with each state they check off when they see it pass or be passed Hawaii can probably be left off.

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Long bus rides for field trips or competitions can be really boring sometimes. Of course, with a friend or two and a few games to play, the time can fly by. Plus, you'll be bonding with others and strengthening friendships. Here are a few classic games, riddles, and random things to do that I usually resort to.

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A charter bus rental is a great way to organize anything from parties to field trips and company outings. Chartering a school bus with a group should mean you have fun with your group, and that includes the time between destinations! A little element of competition, dividing passengers into teams and keeping track of points, can make trips lively and help others with team-building or simply getting to know one another.

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Most people who rent party buses have one thought: booze. Does the guest of honor have a favorite thing? Turn that into your bus party theme and have everyone come dressed accordingly.

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Your friends have decided to get a group of people together to rent a party bus. There are an enormous amount of party bus activities that you and your friends can plan to make sure that your time is enjoyable. While you are going to want to have some time on the bus, because you paid for it after all, your group should think of something to do to take advantage of having someone else drive.

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Naturally, party buses are designed to entertain and provide fun during the course of the trip from one location to the next. They are ideal for parties. They keep the fun going. They have all the amenities required to entertain everybody who is on board.

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At GOGO Charters, we prioritize your comfort and safety, so every bus is equipped with WiFi and plush seating, and every driver is trained to accommodate all necessary stops for your leisure and comfort. Still, no one is too old to enjoy a fun game—especially one that will engage your entire group. Instead of listening to music or playing games on your phone, bond with your fellow travelers and stave off boredom with these 10 classic games.

All 'getting to know you' games are great ice breakers with your travel companions. Two truths and a lie requires each player to tell everyone three things about themselves — two true and one false — then everyone must guess which are the truths and which is the lie. Plus, you score a point if you fool everyone. One is to divide the bus into two teams, say left and right, and from a list of items think mirrors, food receipts, pens, condoms, foreign currency, toothbrush, eye mask, etc.


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