Gay nature or nurture

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Sex and War features a meditation on how biology might help to explain why and how humans kill each other. The latter option is usually imagined to involve something nasty, like a pedophilic priest. These two options—gene-gay and turned-gay—fit neatly in the yawn nature-nurture debate, and that probably explains why almost everyone seems to keep ignoring a third option, one for which there is astoundingly robust data: womb-gay.

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But experts say the origins of partner preference remain a mystery. For men, new research suggests that clues to sexual orientation may lie not just in the genes, but in the spaces between the DNA, where molecular marks instruct genes when to turn on and off and how strongly to express themselves. That news, presented at the meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics on Thursday, may leave the genetically uninitiated scratching their heads.

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In recent decades, many hotly debated topics have come under the scrutiny of sociobiologists, trying to determine their causation and origins. One such topic is homosexuality. Originally thought by the American Psychological Association hereafter referred to as APA to be a mental disorder, research into its causes, origins, and development have consequently led to its removal by the APA from its list of diagnoses and disorders [1].

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This history from a gay-rights perspective maintains persuasively that greater understanding and acceptance of homosexual impulses and behavior have come not from changes in psychological theories but from united action by homosexuals beginning with the Stonewall confrontations. Whether forcing changes in medical diagnoses by political means is healthy for science is not discussed. The program, which sometimes verges on the doctrinaire, is freshest when researchers reflect on the nature of sexual cravings.

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Scientists identify for the first time two specific genes that may foster a predisposition for being gay in men. Anyone choosing sides in the nature vs. But ina large study by J.

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This is consistent with findings over the past few years. When Gallup first asked this "nature vs. Attitudes didn't shift markedly until after

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Homosexuality was considered a mental illness when Richard Pillard was in medical school. It was the s and the School of Medicine professor of psychiatry was at the University of Rochester. At the time, the American Psychological Association still listed homosexuality as a disorder and psychologists and psychiatrists were trained on ways to treat it.

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These questions are far too one dimensional when it comes to the infinitely complicated spheres gender and sexuality. While I and most gay men I know will in theory welcome a new US study — which has found fresh evidence to suggest male sexual orientation is not a choice, but something genetically pre-determined — it'll doubtless provoke a few eye-rolls from some. In a month where the homophobic prejudices of an entire nation are under the spotlight, and a Channel 4 documentary called ' Cure Me, I'm Gay ' is in the works in which TV doctor Christian Jessen seeks to expose the ludicrousness of so-called gay conversion therapies by undertaking one — at least I hope that's the angle he's going forthe study should prove beneficial in stamping out a few homophobic sentiments. Unfortunately, though, it doesn't come close to providing a definitive answer to a question so age-old I rarely hear a person under 30 ask it.

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The relationship between the environment and sexual orientation is a subject of research. In the study of sexual orientationsome researchers distinguish environmental influences from hormonal influences, [1] while other researchers include biological influences such as prenatal hormones as part of environmental influences. Scientists do not know the exact cause of sexual orientation, but they theorize that it is the result of a complex interplay of genetichormonaland environmental influences.

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Is sexuality purely the result of our biology? Brandon Ambrosino argues that simplistic explanations have ignored the fluid, shape-shifting nature of our desires. You so obviously cannot be gaywas her implication, because this is good sex.


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