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Applying a squeeze to the cells guides them back to a normal growth pattern, laboratory experiments. Applying a squeeze to the cells guides them back to a normal growth pattern, laboratory experiments have revealed. Researchers hope their work could provide clues that lead to new treatments.

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Woman hands squeeze a breast in colorful bra. Brick wall on background. Pendant on neck — Video by bazava.

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The fancy medical term for this is fibrocystic breast changes, and it refers to breast tissue that's particularly lumpy, with little fluid-filled cysts. It used to be called fibrocystic breast disease, but it's actually something that affects more than half of women at some point, so doctors dropped the word "disease," Dr. Sandhya Pruthian internist specializing in breast cancer prevention research at the Mayo Clinic, tells BuzzFeed Life.

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Can mother nature get it together already? Scientists may be on the road to finding a simple yet effective way for women to fight against breast cancer. All it takes is a gentle, self-love filled squeeze!

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Whether one meets it with shock and outrage or unabashed enthusiasma charity breast squeeze is bound to get attention. And that might have been part of the idea behind a Japanese porn channel's recent interactive fundraiser. All money raised at the charity breast squeeze benefitted STOP!

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For example, one University of Nebraska-Lincoln study found that men spend more time ogling a woman's chest than any other part of her body. But quiz most guys about how much they really know about breasts and you won't get much farther then how pleasing they are to look at. Unfortunately, no legit research has proven that gazing at her breasts is actually beneficial to your health.

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Breasts can be pleasurable to play with, for both the giver and the recipient alike. Some women can even have orgasms from breast play alone. Others need breast play in combination with clitoral or vaginal stimulation.

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Nipple discharge is any fluid or other liquid that comes out of your nipple. You might have to squeeze the nipple to get the fluid to come out, or it could seep out on its own. Discharge is usually not serious.

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