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They are not in canada they are in quebec we are distinct people you know TT No matter how many times I watch this I love it more and more!!!!! Hell of a job proud you produced something for fans that's better than the Disney main stream Congratulations on a job well done!!!!! I haven't had any trouble with my focus' or Taurus' capless system, probably because when I noticed it was getting difficult to insert the filler funnel I use fuel system cleaners occasionally I sprayed the system down with lube and gave it a good funneling On a different but related note, the hinge that holds the fuel door popped out if its socket and I had to spend an hour pulling carpet and foam out of my trunk and reaching into a blind hole just to get the damn door assembly off, then screw and super glue the hinge pin in place The whole thing was made of plastic of course Why they couldn't they just put the door on with a few screws accessible from outside of the car?

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The book presents three Japanese psychotherapeutic approaches, Morita, Naikan, and Dohsa-hou, in the chronological order of their development, giving a thorough account of both their underlying concepts and practical applications. In addition to describing their idiosyncrasies, a major focus of the book is also to elucidate as to how the deeply imprinted cultural specificities of these approaches, emanating from their common cultural ground, converge to two focal points—silence and body-mind interconnectedness—that vest the approaches with their therapeutic power. In so doing, the book gives an insight into the intrinsic dynamics of the methods and emphasizes on their potential for universal applicability notwithstanding their indisputable cultural peculiarities.

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The material that is presented here is for adults only. If you have not reached the age of majority, close it immediately, please! Well, honestly, we understand that it is too interesting for you, our dear readers, to leave this page just because of your age.

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